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Dick Delcious's Vulgar Display of Obscurity CD
The Worlds Heaviest Party Metal Band, Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles has always been one of Nashville Pussy's favorite bands. 'I was always jealous of them' says Ruyter
'A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity' is the latest release by the creators of such classic ear raping songs as Diarrhea and Big Stinky Pussy Introducing member Constance X (aka Ruyter Suys) (g/v) to the already stellar line up of Dick Delicious (g/v) Hugh G. Rection (b/v) and Stupidasso (d/v).
'You wouldn't know to look at her but she's a perfect Dick!' states Hugh.
The latest album has been getting rave reviews. 'I couldn't be more impressed with the taste of our growing audience, as if there was a hole that could only be filled by us.'
Slinging Pig is proud to release the official Expanded version of A VULGAR DISPLAY OF OBSCURITY with 10-panel lyric fold-out and of 80 minutes of music and 40 tracks. 'Quantity over Quality is our motto' says Dick.