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Kentucky Bridgeburners Sing Nine Pound Hammer CD

That's the description I heard constantly when I had to take over on vocals for the last Nine Pound Hammer tour. Like Nashville Pussy playing Nine Pound Hammer songs, which is very fucking cool! -Blaine Cartwright
Less twang but MORE BANG!!
Thanks to the good people at Wild at Heart in Berlin we have a professional live recording of an amazing show!!
Slinging Pig Records is proud to announce the cd release of that very show.

'The Kentucky Bridgeburners Sing Nine Pound Hammer'

The band is on fire!! You can hear the birth of Blaine Cartwright's new band The Kentucky Bridgeburners as they tear the shit out of all the Hammer classics.
It's the 2nd in our Bootlegging The Bootleggers series. Recordings from our private collection that rock way too hard not to be unleashed on the world!

13.99 includes shipping WITHIN North America
17.99 includes shipping OUTSIDE North America