FAZER Online Music Magazine » Motörhead at Toronto's Sound Academy ...
Nashville Pussy opened the show and proved that there’s more to their band than just a clever name. They surpass any notions that their studio performances might give and are definitely a band to be seen live. The atomic combination of the luscious lead guitar licks from the blonde bombshell Ruyter Suys, and the blistering bass lines thundering from the gorgeous Karen Cuda, were enough to pummel anything in their path. Blaine Cartwright belted out his whiskey-drenched rasp on lead vocals that were matched with equally cunning and often hilarious lyrics. [Read More...]
Motörhead / Reverend Horton Heat / Nashville Pussy Sound Academy ... - Exclaim!
Despite kicking off early at 8 p.m., the Pussy was in strong form, hammering out their road-tested blues rock until guitarist Ruyter Suys rode a bouncer's shoulders to.... [Read More...]
Nashville Pussy - Hour.ca
There's a coolness attached to Nashville Pussy vocalist Blaine Cartwright that you can't buy or fake. Speaking to me from his home, this coolness comes ... [Read More...]
Denver - Backbeat Online - Hemi Cuda heading off into the sunset
According to Karen Cuda, she's planning to continue on with Nashville Pussy, an outfit she's held down the low end for the past five years and working with Girls Rock Camp, and Anika's going to focus on being a mom and her "ever ... [Read More...]
Sturgis 2009 Preview The Rally Turns 69 - MotorcycleUSA.com
Sturgis 2009 Preview The Rally Turns 69 MotorcycleUSA.com The list of bands includes the Kentucky Headhunters, Foghat, .38 Special, and Nashville Pussy. Campers luck out and get to check out the bands for free. ...and more » [Read More...]