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Interview with Blaine about the new record
Killer review in Power Play magazine
This is the band's crowning glory and not to be missed.
9 out 10! [Read More...]
Welcome to the new site!
Hello People and thank you for dropping by our new fully functional web site. New site...we are so very hip. Still adding content so be patient!
The old site you can still find here just click the archives link or at, full of years of Pussy adventures for you to peruse anytime at your leisure. This new site is mostly the current happenings, easy and quick to navigate. Hope you enjoy and see you at a show very soon. We are on tour now in Europe.
Check out our new batch or songs that make up our best record ever "From Hell to Texas" and sample the new merch, then click the links to buy buy buy!
Don't ask Why Why Why.
Atlanta rebel rockers Nashville Pussy, led by a livewire husband/wife duo Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys, have excelled beyond their initial explosion, 1998’s Grammy-nominated Let Them Eat Pussy. Collapsing record labels and a total media blackout have kept the ‘Pussy at cult-level status, though the scandalously-named quartet boasts a hearty fanbase in Europe and consecutive classic albums, including the brand new From Hell To Texas. [Read More...]
The Metal Minute: Take 5 With Ruyter Suys of Nashville Pussy
Over the course of their decade-plus of whiskey-sprayed hellraising, Nashville Pussy may have scaled back the hardcore-tinged pace from their early years, but they sure haven't skimped on their mad dog work ethic. ... [Read More...]
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