Music for Ogres – Nashville Pussy

 Hamuk: Beer

Human´s musical quality is always a thing to worry, but sometimes a band appears that pleases my old ogre ears.  One of those bands is Nashville Pussy

Their music makes me want to SMASH EVERYTHING AROUND ME, jump, scream and even devour some humans, Nashville make those pink humans completely disoriented, humans can´t stop thinking about sex and booze, and while they think about it i scream and hunt them, i walk in the middle of the crowd using my bat to smash those tiny humans who can´t even SCREAM!

There´s no way to dislike these band, they have 2 of the perfect examples of human females, and they are some great musicians too, it´s one more distraction for me.

Nashville Pussy is a loud band with great songs and great albums, every woman should hear at least one of their songs, so if you´re an ogre like me, if you like to drink and smash things, hear this human band, they make it worth.


Billie Blade