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Nashville Pussy purrs on 'From Hell to Texas'

Tom Zillich, Surrey Now

Published: Friday, September 25, 2009

Lock up your daughters, sons and liquor: Here comes Nashville Pussy.

The hard-rocking foursome returns for a gig Thursday, Oct. 1, this time at the Vogue Theatre opening for Motorhead -- not far from the Commodore stage where the two have previously double-billed.

The cool thing about the decade-old Nashville Pussy is that it employs Ruyter Suys (pronounce it "rider size"), a Vancouver-raised guitar queen who is married to the band's leather-lunged vocalist, Blaine Cartwright.

With Suys grinding out Southern-metal riffs on her Gibson SG, the sound is a meatier, sleazier version of AC/DC -- on speed and cranked up, boasting even more songs that glorify boozing, drugs, shotguns and screwing. It's high-octane, redneck stuff, and loads of fun.

Between tour dates, Nashville Pussy spent three years crafting its new album, From Hell to Texas, recorded with Gordie Johnson (of Big Sugar/Grady fame) aboard as engineer/mixer. Another Canadian, tongue-wagging guitar man Danko Jones, can be heard on the cut "I'm So High." It was all done at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studio in Texas, on the same two-inch tape machine the country crooner used to cut all of his mid-1970s tracks.

Raves Cartwright: "It's turned into a real band album, the heaviest and catchiest we've recorded so far (following such subtly titled efforts as Let Them Eat Pussy). We call it the southern-rock album that Alice Cooper never made. It's our revenge record."

Tom Zillich