Your iPod Is Showing: Blaine Cartwright

Your iPod Is Showing: Nashville Pussy's Blaine Cartwright

With a band named Nashville Pussy and albums titled 'Get Some,' 'Say Something Nasty' and, well, 'Let Them Eat Pussy,' we expected frontman Blaine Cartwright's iPod shuffle list to read like a porno mag. At the very least, we figured there'd be a bunch of sleazy, scummy biker metal on there.

"It's actually funny that we didn't hit anyMotörhead," Cartwright tells Noisecreep. "But it's also strange we didn't get any Abba or Bee Gees. But we did get [Jimbo Johnson's] 'Popcorn!'

To our surprise, we discovered that Cartwright is a multidimensional character with a diverse taste in music -- and he even walks on two legs. But maybe we shouldn't have been so befuddled. While Nashville Pussy's songs are motivated by drinking, fighting and, well, having a good time, the band's influences clearly include southern rock, punk, blues and rockabilly. As a result, they're the perfect opening act for the Reverend Horton Heat and Motörhead, both of whom they're on tour with through Oct. 10.

In addition to Jimbo Johnson, Cartwright's iPod shuffle exposed a bunch of classic rock (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimmy Page, Free), some rippin' punk (Didjits,Supersuckers) and a bunch of blues, R&B and gospel (Sam and DaveB.B. King,Muddy WatersStaple Singers). Aside from ZZ Top's 'Enjoy and Get It On,' none of the songs seem to be about, well, drinking, fighting and sexing it up -- except maybe 'Popcorn.'

Nashville Pussy frontman Blaine Cartwright, your iPod is showing:

Chuck Berry -- 'Oh Baby Doll'
Jimbo Johnson -- 'Popcorn'
Wilson Pickett -- 'She Ain't Gonna Right'
Shirley Ellis -- 'The Clapping Song'
Jimmy Page -- 'One Long Kiss'
The Didjits -- 'Plate in My Head'
Bruce Springsteen -- 'Born to Run'
Free -- 'Wishing Well'
Brian Setzer -- '1812 Overdrive'
ZZ Top -- 'Enjoy and Get It On'
Supersuckers -- 'Listen Up'
Mother's Finest -- 'Don't Wanna Come Back'
AC/DC -- 'Walk All Over You'
Creedence Clearwater Revival -- 'Ramble Tamble'
Sam And Dave -- 'Sweet Home'
Status Quo -- 'Paper Plane'
B.B. King -- 'The Thrill Is Gone'
Blind Boys of Alabama -- 'God's Promise'
Muddy Waters -- 'Honey Bee'
Staple Singers -- 'You've Got to Earn It'


Jon Wiederhorn