Hell To Texas tour hits US/Canada this fall

3rd Party here to update you on the ongoing journey of Nashville Pussy as they follow the Yellow Brick Road in search of the Rock n' Roll Wizard.....Some new Euro Festival dates this summer and a Huge Biker Fest in South Dakota just added to tour dates, new T shirt designs up on new web store link, and coming soon a tour announcement we can't wait to tell you about with 2 of our favorite bands this fall in North America. We are looking for the best fan clip to post on the site, it can be done to one song or bits of several songs like a mini movie. More details soon. Spread the word about the new record, so far reviews from all over the planet and fan feedback from the recent Euro tours tell us this is the best Pussy yet so download it, buy it at your local store or order it online. Remember to sign up for the mailing list, heck who knows someone from the band may even call you just to see what you think about the new record and what your favorite libation is!