Album Cover
High As Hell
Nashville Pussy
Released: May 30, 2000
Label: TVT
Track Listing
1 Struttin Cock
2 Shoot First And Run Like Hell
3 She's Got The Drugs
4 Wrong Side Of A Gun
5 Piece Of Ass
6 High As Hell
7 You Ain't Right
8 Go To Hell
9 Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw
10 Let's Ride
11 Blowjob From A Rattlesnake
12 Drive

Liner Notes



t's all about Rock N Roll!  In a time where we are seeing A LOT of new metal acts that don't really fit into the category of Rock, Nashville Pussy comes along with their first release on TVT Records, "High As Hell".  "High As Hell" is the definition of Rock in the new millennium. Formed in 1996 by husband and wife guitar team Ruyter Suys and Blaine Cartwright, they were soon joined by former Phantom Creeps drummer Jeremy Thompson and seductive bassist Corey Parks.  From there it was non stop touring for 14 months, playing over 300 shows.  This their second album, "High As Hell" kicks off with what sounds like a 454 Big Block starting up, and "Struttin' Cock" sets the tone for the rest of the album.  As singer/vocalist Blaine Cartwright says "Let's Rock!".  Much like Slayer does, Nashville Pussy doesn't waste time between songs on their albums.  "High As Hell" moves onward with "Shoot First And Run Like Hell".  Fans of that early AC/DC sound will like this song a lot!  "Piece Of Ass" is a turbo charged anthem to well....... gettin' a piece of ass!  The album's title track "High As Hell" slows it down a bit with sort of an electric blues feel.  "Go To Hell" has got to be the album's funniest track.  It's a little slower than the rest but the story is clear.  Caught cheating, this guy finds his wife getting filled out like an application and proceeds to send her on her way with his .44.  "Let's Ride" just has that live feel to it!  Really fast and upbeat!  A track that sounds quite painful but ends up being one rockin track is "Blowjob From A Rattlesnake".  Other rockin' tracks to check out include "She's Got The Drugs", "Wrong Side Of A Gun", "You Ain't Right", and "Rock And Roll Outlaw".  "Drive" closes out this album with a climatic guitar frenzy by Blane and fellow guitarist Ruyter, followed by a giant explosion.  "High As Hell" is sure to please and rock n roll fan.  Blaine, Jeremy, Ruyter and Corey pound away on their instruments for the love of rock and it shows!  

Anthony Pagano





Howl - Nashville Pussy Does the Dog
LA Weekly
It's called High As Hell, and it's pretty much Let Them Eat Pussy, Part II. Blaine Cartwright stills howls things like "We're gonna piss all over your town!" while sounding like Bon Scott with a gullet full of Drano, Ruyter Suys still has her Chuck Berry-via-Angus Young licks down pat, and Corey Parks and Jeremy Thompson still do the backseat boogie with the best of 'em. [Read More...]
Review of High As Hell in In Depth
In Depth
"High As Hell" is sure to please and rock n roll fan. Blaine, Jeremy, Ruyter and Corey pound away on their instruments for the love of rock and it shows! Rating 4 of 5 [Read More...]
Review of High As Hell in The Cutting Edge
The Cutting Edge
Here we are over a year later and the Pussy are back with a new opus, High As Hell, salvaging the triple bill, Motorhead circus. "We've got too many damn friends in this town not to play," said vocalist/guitarist Blaine Cartwrght to the crowd, then plugged in his Les Paul and tore into Go Motherfucker Go. NP were in fine form. [Read More...]
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