Album Cover
Say Something Nasty
Nashville Pussy
Released: May 28, 2002
Label: Artemis Records
Track Listing
1 0000000000000000
2 Say Something Nasty
3 Gonna Hitchhike Down To Cincinnati And Kick The Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy
4 You Give Drugs A Bad Name
5 The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out
6 Keep On Fuckin'
7 Jack Shack
8 Keep Them Things Away From Me
9 Here's To Your Destruction
10 Let's Get The Hell Outta Here
11 Slow Movin' Train
12 Beat Me Senseless
13 Can't Get Rid Of It
14 Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo
15 Outro


Say Something Nasty Album Release
Artemis Records
Say Something Nasty is the new Artemis album by Nashville Pussy. Frontman Blaine Cartwright declares in no uncertain terms that “It’s our best album yet and we’re gonna shove it up America’s ass!” [Read More...]