Album Cover
From Hell to Texas
Nashville Pussy
Released: Feb 10, 2009
Label: Steamhammer / SPV
Track Listing
1 Speed Machine
2 From Hell To Texas
3 Drunk Driving Man
4 Lazy Jesus
5 I'm So High featuring Danko Jones
6 Ain't Your Business
7 Dead Men Can't Get Drunk
8 Late Great USA
9 Pray for The Devil
10 Why Why Why
11 Stone Cold Down
12 Give Me A Hit Before I Go

Liner Notes

Produced by Daniel Rey. Engineered and Mixed by Gordie Johnson and Jacob Sciba. Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Matt Agoglia at Masterdisk NYC. Recorded and Mixed at Pedernales Studio, Spicewood Texas.


Texas rockers ZZ Top & The ATL's Nashville Pussy face off at Edgefield - Oregon Music News
Lead guitarist Ruyter Suys hit the stage like she was shot out of a cannon with a death grip on her black Gibson SG. Cartwright’s gravelly vocals cut through the unsuspecting audience’s eardrums like a chainsaw ripping into an old tree trunk. Buitrago did a phenomenal job covering Cuda’s fierce rumbling bass lines. Nashville Pussy destroyed the lawn chair and blanket brigade leaving shards of Eddie Bauer, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dockers attire littering the perfectly manicured grass. [Read More...]
Touring in support of their riff heavy, rock solid new release "From Hell to Texas" (Steamhammer-SPV Records) Nashville Pussy came out with sonic guns blazing demonstrating exactly what a rock band is supposed to do, KICK-ASS. Part chicken fried road boogie, part bluesy southern outlaw metal, this quartet from Georgia know what they like and are fully capable of bringing "it" to the crowd, displaying a raw and raucous style that is sorely missing in today's current rock arena. Husband and wife team Blaine Cartwright (lead vocals & guitar) and guitar goddess Ruyter Suys (lead guitar & backing vocals) have kept this Pussy purring down the highway since it's inception in 1998 and, having the good fortune to have seen them back then, I'm happy to say they show no signs of slowing down. Jeremy Thompson (drums) and the luscious Karen Cuda (bass) provide the explosive rhythm section. Read More...
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Nashville Pussy were the clear standout, the no-frills, near-glam riffage a revelation... [Read More...]
Live Review: Motörhead and Nashville Pussy Oct 1st, 2009 – Vancouver, BC
The sexiest band in Rock and Roll... New material was pure super-charged Pussy..Southern fried Rock and Heavy Metal go together like tissues and pornography [Read More...]
Denver - Backbeat Online - Hemi Cuda heading off into the sunset
According to Karen Cuda, she's planning to continue on with Nashville Pussy, an outfit she's held down the low end for the past five years and working with Girls Rock Camp, and Anika's going to focus on being a mom and her "ever ... [Read More...]
Sturgis 2009 Preview The Rally Turns 69 -
Sturgis 2009 Preview The Rally Turns 69 The list of bands includes the Kentucky Headhunters, Foghat, .38 Special, and Nashville Pussy. Campers luck out and get to check out the bands for free. ...and more » [Read More...]
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Motorhead unleashes late summer tour Reverend Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy will provide opening support for the late-summer trek. "Motorizer," [Read More...]
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Chicken-fried, bourbon-steeped, American sleaze boogie that sounds like the truckstop-fuck love child of Motörhead and Reverend Horton Heat. ... [Read More...] > News > NASHVILLE PUSSY – Born To Die In A Rock ‘N ...
Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles
Interview with Blaine about the new record
Killer review in Power Play magazine
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This is the band's crowning glory and not to be missed. 9 out 10! [Read More...]
Welcome to the new site!
Hello People and thank you for dropping by our new fully functional web site. New site...we are so very hip. Still adding content so be patient! The old site you can still find here just click the archives link or at, full of years of Pussy adventures for you to peruse anytime at your leisure. This new site is mostly the current happenings, easy and quick to navigate. Hope you enjoy and see you at a show very soon. We are on tour now in Europe. Check out our new batch or songs that make up our best record ever "From Hell to Texas" and sample the new merch, then click the links to buy buy buy! Don't ask Why Why Why.
Atlanta rebel rockers Nashville Pussy, led by a livewire husband/wife duo Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys, have excelled beyond their initial explosion, 1998’s Grammy-nominated Let Them Eat Pussy. Collapsing record labels and a total media blackout have kept the ‘Pussy at cult-level status, though the scandalously-named quartet boasts a hearty fanbase in Europe and consecutive classic albums, including the brand new From Hell To Texas. [Read More...]
The Metal Minute: Take 5 With Ruyter Suys of Nashville Pussy
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Over the course of their decade-plus of whiskey-sprayed hellraising, Nashville Pussy may have scaled back the hardcore-tinged pace from their early years, but they sure haven't skimped on their mad dog work ethic. ... [Read More...] > News > NASHVILLE PUSSY - "The World Caught Up ...
Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles
‘Stone Cold Down'. It's kind of like a ZZ Top meets Led Zeppelin. I'm Canadian so have absolutely no interest in shooting anything but if the bombs ever start dropping, I'm running straight to Ted Nugent's house nothing in rock and roll is ever what you really expect! Interview with Ruyter and Blaine [Read More...]
All Music Review
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'America's answer to Motörhead' 'it's awfully hard not to want to crawl into the back of the van and ride into the sunset with them' [Read More...]
Nashville Pussy – From hell to Texas - FREE! Magazine
Nashville Pussy is kind of the dirtier version of Aerosmith A great album if you like the Jack Daniels side of rock! [Read More...]
From Hell to Texas by Nashville Pussy on Blurt Online
This is the comeback album AC/DC should have written Raw as Alice Cooper on the last night of a three-year tour. [Read More...]
The band raid the rock pantry for every riff & rhythm they can steal from the Stones at their Chuck Berryest, the Faces at their party-downest, UFO at their rock-bottomest and Led Zeppelin at their dirty-bluesiest. The biggest revelation is the fuel-injected axwomanship of Ruyter Suys, who has always ripped, but now she’s tossing in all kinds of casually deft obbligatos and applying a guitar geek’s wet dream of vintage tones to stinging, scalding and sensually shaded leads that encourage favorable comparisons to Angus Young and Rory Gallagher. Best Pussy yet. [Read More...]
From Hell to Texas by Nashville Pussy on Blurt Online
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This is the comeback album AC/DC should have written, starting with the cowbell-whacking cock-rock strut of "Speed Machine," they hit you with the first of many classic slop-rock solos from guitarist Ruyter Suys [Read More...]
The Peverett Phile Interviews: Karen Cuda From Nashville Pussy
Much of their music is not what would be considered traditionally "radio friendly",which is why I love them. We prefer the kind of beer with beer in it. And Jack Daniels. [Read More...]
Atlanta's NASHVILLE PUSSY will release its long-awaited fifth album, "From Hell To Texas", on February 3 in Europe and February 10 in the U.S. via SPV/Steamhammer Records. The CD was recorded and mixed at Pedernales Studio in Spicewood, Texas with producer Daniel Rey and was engineered and mixed by Gordie Johnson and Jacob Sciba. It was mastered by Howie Weinberg and Matt Agoglia at Masterdisk.